WCE Youth Baseball Programs

Westchase Express is dedicated to the helping our youth gain an advantage on the field, in doing so by 2018, WCE shall have youth baseball & softball programs in all 4 corners of the Greater Houston area. Our trainers, instructors, and coaching staff are committed to sharing essential experiences, instilling an understanding of the game, and working to develop yourth fundamentals and techniques that players shall be able to apply throughout their baseball/softball lives. WCE programs are broken down according to age brackets, skill level of play, and seasons. Each team shall be scheduled to start with the Spring Season (mid-Feb to mid-May), then run through the Summer Season (mid-May to mid-Aug), and finsihed upon the end of the Fall Season (mid-Aug to mid-Dec). There are WCE programs for all age groups from 4 years of age up and through college. The WC Express programs are for those who are looking for a program that is solely dedicated to helping to develop and hone the necessary skills to compete for high school or college roster and scholarships at the next level of competition. The WC Express programs are set-up to providing visibility opportunities that are meant to introduce, draw interest and get followed by desired college recruiters and coaches.  So since parents will be involved in selecting the level of competition, schedules, and desired value, the WC Express program leadership and coaches will look to introduce and recommend to the parents the tournaments, events, showcases, camps, and/or training programs that we feel would be in the best interest of the player.  Parents must understand that there is a cost-vs-value impact to each selection and WCE will work to minimize cost(s), but would appreciate the assistance by helping recruit or introduce potential sponsors and private donors that appreciate what our program is doing for our young youth.

2017 WCE teams will be formed in the North West Houston region and South East Houston or Bay Area.  In 2018, SW and NE are to be added as word and interest in our programs rise. 
Our Strategy

Our Strategy Statement
Our overall strategy is to leverage our experience, share our knowledge, create an understanding, and inspire our youth, families, and communities through the expansion of services we provide and the nurturing of our relationships within our communities.
Why do we do this?  Westchase believes that it is our youth who will be our most critical resources to ensuring the future of the family structure, inherit the responsibility of stewardship of the economical paths for future generations, and be accountable for their community’s future direction.
Our Objectives
  • Be open and proactive in the implementation of new ideas and technologies that can improve our ability to reach our target audience and help expand the visibility of our programs.
  • Inspire a new generation of community leaders that will resolve to being dedicated to their families and the communities in which they take part.
  • Grow the brand name to where our target base has learned to trust, respect, and value our services. Furthermore, our program’s reputation will lend itself to college coaches, recruiters and administrators to seeing us a first class, viable option to recruiting.
  • Ensure diligent stewardship of all organization funds in preparation to the eventual locating, development, and construction of an all-inclusive program facility, sufficiently sized for future expansion of programs.
  • Strengthen our financial base, enhance our support infrastructure, and improve networking capabilities in a manner that will allow us to continuously improve our programs and the services we provide.
Our Scope
Westchase, since its inception, has seen a niche where our youth are becoming young adults, and where most youth based organizations have left them and their families to figure out the complex recruiting process and requirements to themselves. More so now than ever before, those that come from low to very low-income families and areas of our communities are left without direction. The services that are often out there are too costly, misinforming, or inadequate to assist our aspiring young adults through the entire college locating, selecting, applying, and financing processes. Westchase is focused in the whole Greater Houston area working to help our youth locate and obtain opportunities for higher education. Westchase is then focused on the support and encouraging structure to ensure they graduate. Upon graduation, Westchase provides assistance in career path services such as; resume writing, job searching, and preparation for interviews.
The Competitive Advantage
  • Westchase’s staff leverages their life experiences in manner that our youth and parents understand and can typically relate.
  • We stand by their side throughout the confusion of locating and getting into the right schools.
  • We provide a support structure when they are faced with the challenges of the student-athlete life and do not judge them when they make mistakes.
  • We work to help them after graduation as they are faced with a stymied job markets for graduates that sees an averages of 16-20% unemployment rates, which is even higher if they are from minority ethnic background.
  • Westchase will always be there to provide encouragement, guidance, and strive to open avenues of opportunities to succeed.
  • Westchase’s track record has been a 98% graduation rate, with many continuing on to graduate level degrees.
  • Westchase has programs that are attractive, beneficial, and affordable to meet most everybody’s budget.
  • Westchase’s staff is made up of current and former collegiate and professionals, from the game fields to the boardrooms, who have went through the same gauntlet that face our youth.
Absolute Release of Liability
In consideration of being permitted to participate in the activities with any WC Express Youth Baseball Program, in any manner, including but not limited to playing, practicing, coaching, observing (as a spectator) or being on the field or in the spectator areas for any purpose whatsoever, and fully understanding that participation in the game of baseball includes the risk of serious personal injury, the undersigned Player (and/or Legal Guardian) fully and absolutely assumes full responsibility for the risk of injury due to participation, weather conditions, playing conditions (including the type of bases, plates, fences, and equipment) other participants, of any magnitude including fatality, and does hereby forever absolutely release, even for their own negligence, and agrees to hold harmless Westchase Express Inc. and its programs. All government bodies and landowners that may sanction or permit the participation in the game of baseball and all employees, other participants, agents, servants, officers, public officials, volunteers, game officials, and sponsors from all claims for damages whatsoever of any kind now or in the future.

Limitation of Liability
  • The Player shall participate in the Westchase Express programs, games, and travel without limitation to facilities, services, or equipment at the player’s own risk.
  • The Player waives any and all claims, of whatsoever kind or nature that may arise against the Westchase Express as a result of the Player’s participation in the Westchase Express summer collegiate baseball program.
  • The Player realizes that there is “NO GUARANTEED” playing time.
  • The player also acknowledges recognition of the team, league and inherent rules of the game of baseball and any deviation of such rules like the “helmet rule” (the rule being that all batters and base runners must wear helmets at all times) shall be at his own risk.
  • The Player also acknowledges recognition of the fact that only liability and catastrophic insurance is inherent with the program membership fee during team sanctioned events. Medical insurance may be made available through various events as part of the registration and participation requirements and will be valid only for that said event.
The Program Motto
"Forging our Future Leaders"
**Note:  Players or parents of players who successfully recruit a program or team sponsor and/or private donor will be credited 30% of the total contribution to the player's monthly fee.  If they recruit a tournament sponsor or donor, the player's tournament fees will be adjusted with all leftover to be used to reduce the remaining player's fees. 
Westchase Express Inc. is a non-profit organization, so rates are meant to cover actual direct and indirect costs with very minimal profit which is placed back into the program to help minimize future costs.   

2017 WCE Youth Baseball Program Costs

WC Express program/team costs are different for each team, age bracket, level of competition, tournament selections, regional location, and team requirements.  And since its the player's parents who are involved in selecting the level of competition, schedules, and desired value, we can only highlight the basic makeup of what goes into the various invoiced rates.  Rates will be itemized and invoiced on a monthly basis, invoices will be broken into 8 itemized categories, which will be visible to the parents to see.  Invoices will typically be sent out via email, approximately 10-business days prior to the end of each month.  Payment of the invoice(s) may be done through our online e-commerce site, in person to any coach, or mailed to our business mailbox.  Invoices will be due on the 1st of each month with a gratice period of 7 days.  Invoices paid after grace period will incur a 5% late fee per week.  Special event fee(s) or cost(s) that are a result of late changes or such as the Player's Travel Fee(s) will be due 5 business days prior to event(s).  Parents may elect to break payments down on an auto billing schedule, but must be discussed with a WC Express representative prior to being eligible for payment program.  Multiple child discounts and other program discounts to be reflected in invoices.   
The 8 categories that make up the  fee structure for each program is: 
  1. Coaches’ Salaries & Operations Cost(s):  This category covers the head coaches' salary, which will be based on total head count and experience level.  Coaches salaries per player will range between $100 and $125 per month per player.  Add in Operational costs which include consumables, affiliation fee and facility costs.  Consumables are made up of such items as; team water, ice, ice bags, tape, misc medical supplies, baseballs, and more based on large consumption or burn.  Affiliation fee(s) is directly based on which organizations (i.e. - Nations, USSSA, USFA, Perfect Game, etc) Westchase and its parents select to compete against.  Facility costs are those costs associated with field rentals, cage rentals, lights, etc. Operational costs will typically range between $25 and $50 per month per player.  Anticipated combined coaches and operational fee will run between $135 to $175.​  Fee(s) due the 1st of each month, and WCE will email invoice(s) no later than 10 business days prior to due date.
  2. Liability Insurance Cost(s):  To compete in any league, play in tournaments, and even practice in many facilities a team is usually required to provide proof of catastrophic liability insurance that covers the player, program, facilities, and tournament sponsors from legal action upon a serious injury.  Copies may be provided to the parents for review.  Insurance is good for 1 calendar year, based on WCE's decision to purchase annually instead of by tournament or by season.  The insurance fee will range between $1.50 to $2.25 based on age group and duration of total seasons per year.  Fee(s) due the 1st of each month, and WCE will email invoice(s) no later than 10 business days prior to due date.
  3. Tournament Fee(s):  This fee will vary based on which tournaments that the parents wish to attend.  The fee will be based on the max anticipated headcount for any team.  Tournament fee will include such items as; an assistant coaches fee, tournament fee, tournament registration fee, scheduling fee, special costs, and any shared surcharges.  An assistant coach is for tournaments only and based on the number of days for the tournament.  The fee will be on average of $75 to $125 per day.  WCE will not waive this fee as our model is to ensure all coaches are qualifies to WCE specific standards and experiences.  Tournament fee and tournament registration fees are based solely on the clear passthrough costs of the tournament.  Tournament costs and registration fees will be presented to parents to consider when selecting which tournament to compete in.  Tournament specific costs range between $300 to $1200 and are age specific based.  Scheduling fee will be $5 per tournament per month.  Special costs will include such items as umpire costs, if to be "paid at the plate".  Surcharges will be between an estimated 3% to 5% of the charged costs and will be used to cover costs such as the online credit card charges to process payments.  The invoice will reflect rough outline of costs items as available.  Tournaments and their costs will be presented no less than 10-business days prior to the end of each month.  Fee(s) due the 1st of each month, and WCE will email invoice(s) no later than 10 business days prior to due date.  
  4. Coaches' Travel, Lodging & Meal Cost(s):  This cost item covers the Head and Assistant Coaches' travel, lodging and meal costs during any planned trips that are require an overnight stay.  Coaches will be approved to receive adequate accommodations as recommended by the tourney sponsors.  Coaches will receive fuel or mileage reimbursement per IRS code.  Coaches will receive an allowance of $75.00 per day to cover all meals.  Snacks, drinks and entertainment costs will be the Coaches own covered expense and not reimbursed by the parents.  WCE assumes that the average cost to be $22.50 per player per day.  This does not cover those tournaments that the team's parents elect a tournament that requires air travel.  Travel cost(s) are due with the normal schedule payments on 1st of each month that the trip is planned, and WCE will email invoice(s) no later than 10 business days prior to due date.     
  5. Player Travel, Lodging & Meal Cost(s):  In the case a parent is not able to travel, they may elect to sign a waiver that gives the coaches the authority to consent to emergency treatment and that allows the player to travel with either another parent or as part of a team group.  Parents must understand that players traveling with the coaches will be placed in rooms that are assigned 4 players to a room, and that the players must bring their own funds for entertainment and/or personal snacks.  Rooms will be under the coaches names and will be of the same quality as the coaches are stayng.  Meals will be based on the same $75.00 per day meal allowance.  Player travel cost(s) will be due 5 business days prior to scheduled departure date.  Coaches will coordinate pick-up and drop-off activities.
  6. Player's Package Cost(s):  Package cost(s) will vary based on items parents select to have assigned to the package,  The items are choosen during the spring pre-season parent-coaches meeting.  Remaining seasons and new joining players will be required to purchase the same package.  Programs that do not have spring seasons, like 16U and 18U, decisions will be decided by the returning player's parents.  The items to choose from includes items such as: large players travel/game bag, uniform jersey tops, game pants, hats, belts, socks, workout t-shirts, shorts, batting cage pullovers, hoodies, batting gloves, helmets, and misc other items.  Player package fees are to be paid in full within 10-business days or on the 1st monthly player's fee due date.  Costs are anticipated in the $95 to $500 range.
  7. CaptainU Subscription & Maintenance Cost(s):  WCE will provide the option for the programs of 15U and older a recruit tracking program (www.captainu.com).  The recruiting software is part of the visibility plan to reach out to college coaches and programs of all levels. Parents may elect to purchase themselves and request coaches update. To purchase directly is $20 per month, if WCE purchase and maintains, the rate is $35 per month.  If parent wants WCE staff/coaches to maintain only the rate is $12.50 per month. (Option)
  8. Player Try-Out Fee:  Due to the level of demand and the requirements for sufficiently sized facility and staff, “Open Tryouts” for the 16U through 18U summer season programs will carry a fee rate of $30 per player, of which $15 will be returned if the player fails to make the team roster.  Players that make the team roster, will have $15 credited to their Player Package costs, with the remaining portion going to cover necessary costs.
**Note:  Players or parents of players who successfully recruit a program or team sponsor and/or private donor will be credited 30% of the total contribution to the player's monthly fee.  If they recruit a tournament sponsor or donor, the player's tournament fees will be adjusted with all leftover to be used to reduce the remaining player's fees. 
Westchase Express Inc. is a non-profit organization, so rates are meant to cover actual direct and indirect costs with very minimal profit which is placed back into the program to help minimize future costs.   

Contact Our Key Staff for Inquiries

For any questions or information you may contact directly any of our coaches directly.
Current Elected Board of Directors:

               President:  Robert VanNieuwenhuyzen
                        Email:  [email protected]
                           Cell:   (713) 553-0943

      Vice-President:  Brandon J. Lewis
                         Email:  [email protected]
                            Cell:   (832) 970-6677
                Secretary:  TBA
                         Email:  TBA
                           Cell:   TBA

                Treasurer:  Terrell Jones
                         Email:  [email protected]
                            Cell:   (662) 231-1742

  VP Business Ops:  Shane Leftely
                         Email:  [email protected]
                            Cell:   (713) 298-5493

VP Marketing Ops:  Wilmy Marrero
                         Email:  [email protected]
                            Cell:   (832) 444-6281
2017 WCE Regional Program Directors:
 Dir of Youth SE Programs:  Chuck McElroy
                                  Email:  [email protected]
                                     Cell:   (832) 731-8306

 Dir of Development Programs:  TBD
                                   Email: TBA
                                      Cell:   TBA

 Dir of Youth SW Programs:  TBA
                                    Email:  TBA
                                       Cell:  TBA

 Dir of Youth NE Programs:  TBA
                                     Email:  TBA
                                        Cell:   TBA

 HCSL League General Mgr:  Paul Kessler
                                     Email:  [email protected]                                                       Cell:   (281) 748-2747

  WCE House of Victory GM:  TBD

                                     Email:  TBA
                                   Phone:   TBA

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