Monday-Friday 3:00 Pm to 9:00 Pm
Saturdays: 10:00 Am to 8:00 Pm
PRESIDENT:  ROBERT VANNIEUWENHUYZEN --- [email protected] or CALL (713) 553-0943
Teams are setup to practice 2-3 weeks prior to beginning to play any season.  Teams are typically scheduled to play 2 tournaments per month.  Practices will be a mixture of training on the field and in our home indoor training facility located at 11221 Cutten Rd, Bldg 1, Houston, Texas 77066.  To be tryout for one of our teams, players must be ready to commit to a full year of our program.   Those who participate in other school programs such as football and basketball will be expected to make as many of the practices as they can. The team rosters will be set at 12 players for age groups 13 and younger, with 14 & under team carrying 14 players, and all older teams carrying 16 to 18 players.  For players that elect to leave early, WCE will reserve the right to add players on an as needed basis through private workouts.   

WC Express Fee Detail By Age Group/Team

WC Express teams shall be coached by experienced coaches who desirie to pass their learned skillsets and knowledge of the game to the next generation of players.  The focus of the coaches is to develop a proper and reliable foundation of mechanics and attitude.  The type of players WCE is looking for is those who have a love for the game and are looking to trully prepare for their next level.   

Teams will carry a playable roster of players based on ensuring proper rest, typical regulating rules, and which coaches and the organization feels necessary to compete the entire event or tournament.  General summation of roster sizes by age groups are:

  • 8U & younger teams: 12 player roster (11 active / 1 inactive substitute or fill in)
  • 9U thru 12U teams: 12 player roster (12 active / 0 inactive)
  • 13U thru 14U teams: 14 player roster (14 active / 2 inactive subs)
  • 15U thru 16U teams: 16 player roster (16 active / 2 inactive subs)
  • 17U thru 18U teams: 19 player roster (18 active / 1 inactive sub)

WCE fully understands that rosters may change due to one reason or another, however will strive to ensure rosters are complete throughout the Spring, Summer and Fall seasons based on competitive seasons. WC Express team will hold open tryouts to fill open roster slots on as needed basis or personal invite, no player that is committed will lose their roster slot unless the player has relinquisted or released from the team.  

WC Express programs are coached by an experienced professional staff of coaches and will not use parents to coach teams for which their son or daughter is on.  Parents are encouraged to provide various logisitical assistance such as score books, team refreshments, ect., but we prefer that the parents remain focused on rooting for our teams and their young men and women.  

Try Us, We Promise You Will Like Us!

Player's Fee(s) begin once a player has been assigned to a team.  Player invoices will be sent via email monthly by the 24th of each month and will be due by the 1st of each month. Players have a 7 day grace period with a 5% surcharge will be charged per month payment is late.  To avoid late fees, please let us know and WC Express will work with you.

TEAM FEES BY AGE GROUP ARE:  (Team fees may vary from this list for reasons that are approved unanimously by the team parents.)

           18U TRAVEL TEAM: $367.00 / Month - Program runs May 1st to January 31st 
           17U TRAVEL TEAM: $367.00 / Month - Program runs May 1st to January 31st
           16U TRAVEL TEAM: $367.00 / Month - Program runs May 1st to January 31st
           15U TRAVEL TEAM: $367.00 / Month - Program runs May 1st to January 31st 

​      ​**HIGH SCHOOL SUMMER ONLY MONTHLY FEE:  $545.00 / Month - Program runs May 1st to July 31st    
13U  & 14U SELECT/PREMIER TEAMS: $275.00 / Month - Program runs December 31st to November 30th 
10U, 11U & 12U SELECT/PREMIER TEAMS: $245.00 / Month - Program runs December 31st to November 30th
9U SELECT/PREMIER TEAMS: $195.00 / Month - Program runs December 31st to November 30th
7U, 8U SELECT/PREMIER TEAMS: $175.00 / Month - Program runs December 31st to November 30th
6U & Younger T-BALL TEAM: $155.00 / Month - Program runs December 31st to November 30th 


  • ANNUAL FEE - UNIFORMS / WORKOUT / EQUIPMENT --- $95.00 for 9U & Younger / $125.00 for 10U - 14U / $60.00-$200.00 for HS Teams
    • 2 each - Team Jersey Tops ($20.00 ea.) - No name on back.
    • 1 each - WCE Short Sleeve Dri Fit Workout T-shirt ($20.00) - spares may be ordered separately
    • 2 each - Team Game Caps ($15.00) - parents may order spares or for themselves separately
    • 1 each - Team Travel Bag ($50.00) --- For 10 & Older or by Parent Approval for Younger Teams
    • 1 each - Team Water Bottle ($2.00 - free while current stock is available)
    • 1 each - Express House of Victory Recruiting Team Evaluation / Update Review ($125.00) ---- For High School Teams Only
    • 1 each - Wood Bat ($80.00) ----- For High School Teams Only
    • 1 each - J-Band​ ($35.00)---- For High School Teams Only


    • Team Liability Insurance(s)
    • Team Coaching Fee(s) - (Includes: Head Coach, Assistant Coaches, and Trainers)
    • Express House of Victory Facility Memberships
    • Facility Rentals for Practices
    • Team Consumeables & Repairs
    • 2 Practices / Week During In Season
    • 3 Practices / Week During Off-Season & Preseason
    • 2-3 Tournament Fees / Month (Feb - Apr / May - July / Sept - Nov)​​

    • Tournaments added to the existing schedule(s) for the purpsoe of showcases, camps and/or national level competitions to have the added fee(s) be divided by the number of players committed to play.  Fee(s) to be invoiced and collected by the Express House of Victory staff no later than 10-business days prior to the added event.  Players that are late shall receive a 5% surcharge.
    • In the event of additional fee(s) to be based on entry cost + required direct costs (i.e. - umpires, baseball, etc...) + added coaches as requested by head coach + a 10% scheduling/processing fee.
    • WCE Inc shall receive 10% scheduling and payment fee for each event.  This shall be built into the invoiced rate.
    • WCE Recruiting events include college camps and showcases.  In the event of camps, fees to be added separately.

    • Travel fee(s) have been included in the monthly rate for events shown in the schedule, with any special events being passed on to the team based on number of players attending the tournament.  This fee shall only be in the case that the coaches and team have traveled more than 2 hours (100 miles) from the Greater Houston area and lodging is required to meet playing schedule(s).  
    • Coaches shall be entitled to reasonable lodging, meals, and transportation reimbursement.  Costs shall be pre-approved by the parents prior to departure.

All fees outlined herein are assumed costs based on the schedule reflected within only.  Fees may be different and cannot be compared as cost(s) change between age groups and tournament types.

Contact Our Key Staff for Inquiries

For any questions or information you may contact directly any of our coaches directly.
Current Elected Board of Directors:

               President:  Robert VanNieuwenhuyzen
                        Email:  [email protected]
                           Cell:   (713) 553-0943

      Vice-President:  Brandon J. Lewis
                         Email:  [email protected]
                            Cell:   (832) 970-6677
                Secretary:  TBA
                         Email:  TBA
                           Cell:   TBA

                Treasurer:  Terrell Jones
                         Email:  [email protected]
                            Cell:   (662) 231-1742

  VP Business Ops:  Shane Leftely
                         Email:  [email protected]
                            Cell:   (713) 298-5493

VP Marketing Ops:  Wilmy Marrero
                         Email:  [email protected]
                            Cell:   (832) 444-6281
2017 WCE Regional Program Directors:
 Dir of Youth SE Programs:  Chuck McElroy
                                  Email:  [email protected]
                                     Cell:   (832) 731-8306

 Dir of Development Programs:  TBD
                                   Email: TBA
                                      Cell:   TBA

 Dir of Youth SW Programs:  TBA
                                    Email:  TBA
                                       Cell:  TBA

 Dir of Youth NE Programs:  TBA
                                     Email:  TBA
                                        Cell:   TBA

 HCSL League General Mgr:  Paul Kessler
                                     Email:  [email protected]                                                       Cell:   (281) 748-2747

  WCE House of Victory GM:  TBD

                                     Email:  TBA
                                   Phone:   TBA

  Attn:   Westchase Express Inc.
  11221 Cutten Rd, Bldg. #1
  Houston, Texas 77066
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