WC Youth Program Sponsors & Donors Recognition Page

Westchase Express Inc. (WCE) is a service-based organization that is dedicated to helping prepare our youth and young adults for a life of success, prosperity, and potential.   WCE is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and receives the majority of our funding from private donors, program sponsors, program fees, public fundraising events, and corporate matched giving programs that can be claimed in individual and corporate taxes in pursuant to IRS code 170.  
Wetchase would like to thank our program donors , sponsors, and fundraising contributors.  Below is a list of those that make the Westchase Programs possible.  To join the Westchase Express Family and help our program to continue to work with Houston area youth and yound adults please download, print and fillout a Sponsorship/Donation Commitment For (located below).
All funds collected will be used to help introduce new start-up programs such as expansion of services to new age groups (a.k.a. – 18U, 16U, 14U, 12U, 10U, etc.), free day long camps for local area youth, and other programs that support our mission.
Pledge to Our Sponsors & Donors
To support our Sponsors, Westchase Express Inc. and it’s programs vow to:
  • Win or Lose with Humility, Dignity and Respect – Westchase will represent our community in a manner that helps of our program continue to grow and become recognized locally, regionally, and nationally, in a manner that shall promote our sponsor’s branding and reflects them as a key partner in developing our youth and community.
  • Partner  - Our Board of Directors, coaching staff, and trainers will design custom programs, training showcases and clinics, along with interaction and select treatment of VIP’s during all fundraising events.
  • Maximize Exposure  – Our Board of Directors will develop strategic marketing plans to maximize our sponsors’ exposure at all fundraising events, games, tournaments, showcases, and clinics.
  • Offer Visibility – Sponsor logos will be visibly displayed at all of our events, in our publications, on our websites, and at any time Westchase receives public recognition.
  • Promote  – Our program will be dedicated to promoting a positive image and will showcase our sponsors’ relationships during community volunteer projects and special fundraising events.
  • Evangelize  – Our staff and programs will promote sponsor products throughout our fan base and at all games, tournaments, showcases, clinics and events.
  • Innovate  – Our program will continually look for new and innovative ways to reach and expand our fan base while promoting our team, our sponsors, and our core values.
Westchase Express Corporate Sponsors and Donors Register
Westchase Express Inc. is a Texas incorporated non-profit organization in pursuant of IRS code section 501(c)3 and as such all gift(s) are tax exempt under IRS code 170. Below is a current list of sponsors and donors segregated by level of contribution(s).
Westchase is grateful to every member, family, supporter, donor, and sponsor who helps make our programs affordable and possible.
Our Donors, Sponsors and Supporters:
  • Westchase Express Corporate Diamond Club Sponsors:
    • BHP Billiton – (Matched Giving Program)
  • Westchase Express Corporate Platinum Club Sponsors:
    • All Stars Promotions – (Donated Goods – Team Hoodies)
  • Westchase Express Corporate Gold Club Sponsors:
    • New Mexico State Prison Guards Union – (Corporate Donation)
    • InServ LLC (a Wilbros Co.) – (Corporate Donation)
  • Westchase Express Corporate Silver Club Sponsors:
    • Kroger’s – (Community Rewards Program)
    • SBM Atlantia – (Corporate Donation)
    • Invista Sarl – (Corporate Donation)
    • Humble Autozone – (Fundraising Host)
    • Murphy Oil – (Corporate Donation)
  • Westchase Express Private Diamond Club Donors:
    • Mr. VanNieuwenhuyzen & Mrs. Zhang – (BHP Billiton - 8 year supporter)
    • Mr. & Mrs. Menke – (US Army - 5 year supporter)
    • Mr. Rohe – (Chevron - 5 year supporter)
    • Mr. Woods – (SBM Atlantia - 3 year supporter)
    • Mrs. Janecka – (Retired - 2 year supporter)
    • Mr. & Mrs. Meisenheimer – (BHP Billiton - 2 year supporter)
    • Mr. Windham – (Shell - 2 year supporter)
    • Ms. Davis – (BHP Billiton - 2 year supporter)
    • Mr. Peters – (BHP Billiton - 2 year supporter)
    • Mrs. Garcia – (BHP Billiton - 2 year supporter)
    • Mr,. Clarke - (BHP Billiton - 2 year supporter)

Contact Our Key Staff for Inquiries

For any questions or information you may contact directly any of our coaches directly.
Current Elected Board of Directors:

               President:  Robert VanNieuwenhuyzen
                        Email:  [email protected]
                           Cell:   (713) 553-0943

      Vice-President:  Brandon J. Lewis
                         Email:  [email protected]
                            Cell:   (832) 970-6677
                Secretary:  TBA
                         Email:  TBA
                           Cell:   TBA

                Treasurer:  Terrell Jones
                         Email:  [email protected]
                            Cell:   (662) 231-1742

  VP Business Ops:  Shane Leftely
                         Email:  [email protected]
                            Cell:   (713) 298-5493

VP Marketing Ops:  Wilmy Marrero
                         Email:  [email protected]
                            Cell:   (832) 444-6281
2017 WCE Regional Program Directors:
 Dir of Youth SE Programs:  Chuck McElroy
                                  Email:  [email protected]
                                     Cell:   (832) 731-8306

 Dir of Development Programs:  TBD
                                   Email: TBA
                                      Cell:   TBA

 Dir of Youth SW Programs:  TBA
                                    Email:  TBA
                                       Cell:  TBA

 Dir of Youth NE Programs:  TBA
                                     Email:  TBA
                                        Cell:   TBA

 HCSL League General Mgr:  Paul Kessler
                                     Email:  [email protected]                                                       Cell:   (281) 748-2747

  WCE House of Victory GM:  TBD

                                     Email:  TBA
                                   Phone:   TBA

  Attn:   Westchase Express Inc.
  11221 Cutten Rd, Bldg. #1
  Houston, Texas 77066
  Company Website: