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What, Where, When, Why How, & Who's About Westchase
What is Westchase about?
Founded in 2008 and incorporated in 2009, Westchase Express Inc. is a Texas incorporated non-profit organization under section 501(c)(3) of the United States Internal Revenue (IRS) Code. Westchase is committed to mentoring, encouraging, and developing our future community leaders to be the best they can be. Westchase is focused on using positive reinforcement while building the body, broadening the mind, and molding a competitive spirit in the Greater Houston Area youth and young adults.
What does Westchase do?
Westchase Express Inc. is a service-based organization that is dedicated to helping prepare our youth and young adults for a life of success, prosperity, and potential. Since our founding, many have come to recognize Westchase by only our summer collegiate programs, and therefore think of us as just a older level baseball club. However, Westchase is much more than that. Westchase incorporates the life lessons learned through our “National Pastime” as a tool to help provided inspiration, direction, opportunities, and avenues for our youth when seeking advantage in the classromm and/or in preparation for performance on the field.
Westchase services include:
  • Youth program(s) oversight and training,
  • Youth tutoring and assistance programs,
  • Recruiting guidance and process navigation assistance,
  • College academic and skill assessments,
  • College-bound student-athlete preparation seminars,
  • Private & Group instruction, training and development programs,
  • Life-coaching and one-on-one mentoring programs,
  • In-college encouragement and support structure,
  • College coursework and college preparation testing tutoring services,
  • Summer based showcases and youth camps,
  • A highly competitive summer collegiate program, and
  • Post-graduate career path and job search assistance.
Where is Westchase?
Westchase Express Inc. is a small home-based corporation that services the Greater Houston area. The organization’s registered home office is located in Richmond, TX, and its leadership, volunteers, and key staff members live and are accessible across the whole Greater Houston area, from Alvin to Conroe, and from Beaumont to Katy.
The flexibility of being home-based allows for our services to come to venues that:
  • Are convenient for the youth, parents, teams, and school programs we service;
  • Create a sense of comfort and helps to minimize anxiety that is often felt with working out in the larger busy training facilities;
  • Reduces overhead costs which allows our programs to be more affordable to everybody; and
  • Helps our staff to perform with fewer outside distractions during each session.
Starting the summer of 2015, Northland Christian School partnered with Westchase Express Inc. to allow the Northland Christian School Cougar’s baseball field and support facilities to host Westchase’s Summer Collegiate Program, 18U program, showcases, and youth camps from mid-May through mid-August.  In 2016, Northland Christian School will again host our collegiate and 18&under program, along with the addition of our 16&under program.  While the collegiate program only operates during the summer, the 18&under and 16&under will operate through the fall.
When does Westchase provide services?
Westchase’s flexibility of being home-based and by having our mentors, coaches, staff, and volunteers throughout the whole Greater Houston area, allows our services to be accessible to our youth, young adults, and their parents 7-days a week, 24-hours a day. Upon request, we will schedule days and times to come to you. And once our youth have entered into school and/or upon graduating, unlike other similar services, we will continue to be accessible as a support structure to mentor and encourage our young adults.
Our youth competition program(s) will operate within the Greater Houston area, or as mutually approved by the program and parents.  Youth programs such as the 10&under, 12&under and 14&under will run from early spring each year through late fall.  All program(s) are based on demand, so as enough inquiries and interest is demonstrated, a new program will be initiated.
Why does Westchase do all of this?
In the beginning, our founders saw that there were several gaps between points in our youth’s lives and that parents did not have access to the necessary tools to understand and/or guide their sons and daughters in the recruiting processes or regulations. And once the student-athletes were in school, the support structures out there were focused on self-preservation and not always doing what is best for the student-athletes. The founders also saw that graduation rates, especially for the more talented and less financially supported student-athletes that came from low to very low income families, were often being left to fend or fail. In most cases, just by the limited funding of most college coaches, they typically do not have the means to assist all student-athletes, and as such whether they are focused on protecting their own jobs or the schools bottom-line, they would appear to be focused on only their goals and understanding of success.
So our founders, most of themselves former collegiate student-athletes that survived the trials and tribulations of the student versus athletic demands, have decided to do more to help those who were to follow. By understanding the ups and downs faced, we feel that our staff and volunteers are in a place that is better able to reach out to the youth and make a difference by just being there.
How does Westchase do this without charging the same as other services?
Westchase Express Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and receives the majority of our funding from private donors, program sponsors, program fees, public fundraising events, and corporate matched giving programs that can be claimed in individual and corporate taxes in pursuant to IRS code 170. So as a “non-profit” organization, our Board of Directors are volunteers. Westchase’s trainers, non-Director coaches and evaluators are the only individuals that are paid personnel. So the services provided are to the level to be sufficient to maintain the services and minimal overhead. Westchase does not believe that charging the rates seen by similar services is in the best interest of those we are wanting to help, so we will make sure it is to a level that all who want assistance can afford.
Who is Westchase’s target demography?
Westchase is open to everyone that is seeking guality value in services, individual focused program(s), provides unmatched visibility, and that is focused on the youth’s success. Our programs are scalable and can be made affordable to everyone, especially those who come from low and very low income families. We do not turn away youth in need of our program due to financial status or abilities. Westchase youth programs include year round programs for 14 years and younger and part of the year for everyone in high school or above.  Our target area is the whole Greater Houston area, with coaches and trainers in Pearland, Pasadena, Spring, Kingwood, Richmond, Sugarland, Katy, and Houston downtown.
Westchase’s services provided to the target areas include: personal instruction and training, youth development programs, college entrance testing preparation assistance, youth tutoring, high school age skill evaluations, college recruiting assistance and evaluations, showcases, and camps for all ages. In the near future, Westchase plans to further expand the programs by adding additional youth programs and various levels of fast-pitch softball.
Westchase believes that as success stories become more and more prevelant, that it will add visibility to all of the programs which will bring additional opportunities nationwide for our youth programs to be recruited and get opportunities not otherwise offered by many of the local program(s).

Contact Our Key Staff for Inquiries

For any questions or information you may contact directly any of our coaches directly.
Current Elected Board of Directors:

               President:  Robert VanNieuwenhuyzen
                        Email:  [email protected]
                           Cell:   (713) 553-0943

      Vice-President:  Brandon J. Lewis
                         Email:  [email protected]
                            Cell:   (832) 970-6677
                Secretary:  TBA
                         Email:  TBA
                           Cell:   TBA

                Treasurer:  Terrell Jones
                         Email:  [email protected]
                            Cell:   (662) 231-1742

  VP Business Ops:  Shane Leftely
                         Email:  [email protected]
                            Cell:   (713) 298-5493

VP Marketing Ops:  Wilmy Marrero
                         Email:  [email protected]
                            Cell:   (832) 444-6281
2017 WCE Regional Program Directors:
 Dir of Youth SE Programs:  Chuck McElroy
                                  Email:  [email protected]
                                     Cell:   (832) 731-8306

 Dir of Development Programs:  TBD
                                   Email: TBA
                                      Cell:   TBA

 Dir of Youth SW Programs:  TBA
                                    Email:  TBA
                                       Cell:  TBA

 Dir of Youth NE Programs:  TBA
                                     Email:  TBA
                                        Cell:   TBA

 HCSL League General Mgr:  Paul Kessler
                                     Email:  [email protected]                                                       Cell:   (281) 748-2747

  WCE House of Victory GM:  TBD

                                     Email:  TBA
                                   Phone:   TBA

  Attn:   Westchase Express Inc.
  11221 Cutten Rd, Bldg. #1
  Houston, Texas 77066
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