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Greater Houston Area Youth Baseball & Softball Programs & Training/Instruction Services
WCE Teams Now Forming In Your Area!!!
Youth players from the ages of 3-years old to 18-years old who are looking for teams to join can register online or contact our office for more info at (281) 586-8402 or you can email us at wcehov@gmail.com  .   All programs for 14u and younger will be training and playing together for Spring, Summer and Fall Seasons.  All high school level teams shall play the Summer and Fall Seasons.  

Players wishing to join one of our programs shall workout with a coach and then be placed on a team's roster based an evaluation of playing experience, skillsets, and time availability.  Our programs are designed for the player in mind and each of our coaches are committed to the development and teaching of young players in preparation for playing at the next level.  In our youth programs, we are focused on the mechanics and techniques that are the basic foundation of every successful professional, collegiate and/or high school player.     

WCE programs are based on 4 regional areas of the Greater Houston area.  These are:  SW Houston,  NW Houston, NE Houston, SE Houston (also known as Bay Area).  In 2017, we currently have programs for the age groups of 4u, 5u, 8u, 10u, 11u, 12u, 13u, & 14u in the NW Houston and the SE Houston regions.  And as interest continues to grow, we are looking to add even more teams.

All WCE program coaches are experienced in the grand game and expected to teach our 6 core values while teaching them the game.  Our coaching & instructional staff includes such former MLB veterans as: Chuck McElroy, Archie Corbin, Delwyn Young, and Robbie Weinhardt.  We also have many more former MiLB and Independent experience professionals and former collegiate standouts all working together to help provide your young player the advantage on the field.

Every program is designed with providing the best value and experience for each player no matter their skill level or how long they have been playing this game.  WCE also is focused on the academic aspect of your young players lives, and as such is partnering up with groups such as Rice University in promoting our standouts in areas such as community, education performance, and playing performance.       

Player's parents are asked to go to the registration form and submit your players information.  Once received, a coach or an instructor will reply to confirm dates & times for you to come out and meet the programs.
    Westchase Express Inc. is now forming Houston Area Youth Teams who will have the opportunity to work with current and former professionals along with current and former collegiate student-athletes.
  2. APR 2ND
    Westchase Express is partnering with MLB Alumni to hold its first WCE Celebrity Golf Tournament at The Golf Club of Cinco Ranch. Teams that register will have either a MLB or NFL retired veteran play along side in a 5-man team. All funds will go directly to support WCE Youth Programs & the Houston Collegiate Summer League (HCSL). Players can register or find out more at HCSLeague.com. Player fees will be $125 per player. Players will have the opportunity to meet such Houston stars such as retired NFL running back Arian Foster. Players will receive a box lunch before play and a dinner afterwards, catered by Sammy's Grill.

 For questions or more informaion you may contact the league or coaches directly. 

Our Values
Our strategy is to use our “National Pastime” to be a positive example, dedicated to developing our youth. We will do this by reinforcing teamwork, promoting sportsmanship, encouraging positive leadership characteristics, and by showing trust in our youth as they strive to become positive community citizens.
Our Values:
  • Patience - Understand that good things take time, and that one must progress at the appropriate rate and not trying to get somewhere too soon.
  • Faith - Believe in your purpose, trust that you can succeed, and have peace of mind no matter the outcome.
  • Integrity - Ensure that purity of intentions of your decisions and commitments are without compromise.
  • Respect - It is important to at all-time respect the game, your opponents, your teammates, your coaches, and your parents, however, it is most important that you respect yourself.
  • Reliability - Reliability builds trust, which allows all members of the team to know the others will do their job, even during difficult times.
  • Accountability - The responsibility for ones actions as an individual or an organization.
  1. Training
    Our staff are dedicated to developing the necessary skills and mental stability to compete at the next level, within EVERY player in the program.
  2. Sportsmanship
    Westchase demands of every player and parent that participates to play fair, follow the rules of the game, respect the judgement of officials, and treat opponents with respect.
  3. Success
    “Success is peace of mind which is a direct result of self-satisfaction in knowing you did your best to become the best that you are capable of becoming.” (John R. Wooden)
Player Of The Month
Westchase will look to recognize our young ballplayers on and off the field, so on a monthly basis we will update this section with the coaches selection for player of the month.  
This award will give recognition based on 4 areas: 1) player's performance on or off the playing field, 2) the player's commitment to our core values, 3) the player's commitment to his community, and 4) the player's performance in the classroom. 
Westchase looks to promote the player's skills, his/her education, and his/her social skills.  These 3 facets will be what allows our players to grow up to be our future.
Community MVP
Westchase will use this area to promote and give recognition to our youth's contributions to their communities.

Contact Our Key Staff for Inquiries

For any questions or information you may contact directly any of our coaches directly.
Current Elected Board of Directors:

               President:  Robert VanNieuwenhuyzen
                        Email:  RobertVanN34@msn.com
                           Cell:   (713) 553-0943

      Vice-President:  Brandon J. Lewis
                         Email:  LewisBJ85@gmail.com
                            Cell:   (832) 970-6677
                Secretary:  Brandon Mikell
                         Email:  Brmike1988@yahoo.com
                           Cell:   (310) 427-2325

                Treasurer:  Terrell Jones
                         Email:  Trjones1988@yahoo.com
                            Cell:   (662) 231-1742

  VP Business Ops:  Shane Leftely
                         Email:  Shaneleftely@yahoo.com
                            Cell:   (713) 298-5493

VP Marketing Ops:  Wilmy Marrero
                         Email:  Wilmy.Marrero@gmail.com
                            Cell:   (832) 444-6281
2017 WCE Regional Program Directors:
 Dir of Youth SE Programs:  Chuck McElroy
                                  Email:  McElroyChuck35@yahoo.com
                                     Cell:   (832) 731-8306

 Dir of Development Programs:  Delwyn Young
                                   Email:  Delwyn.Young@gmail.com
                                      Cell:   (626) 252-8285

 Dir of Youth SW Programs:  TBA
                                    Email:  TBA
                                       Cell:  TBA

 Dir of Youth NE Programs:  TBA
                                     Email:  TBA
                                        Cell:   TBA

 HCSL League General Mgr:   Christian Lyall
                                     Email:  ChristianLyall@att.net                                                         Cell:   (713) 513-0103

  WCE House of Victory GM:  
Jeffrey Abt
                                     Email:  AbtJebbrey@gmail.com
                                   Phone:   (281) 586-8412

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  11221 Cutten Rd, Bldg. #1
  Houston, Texas 77066
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